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5 Biz Lessons & Tips Inspired by Walt Disney & Nike

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Idea to Disney Book

Walt Disney created a tremendously iconic brand!

However, it didn’t start out that way. It wasn’t a “get rich quick” scheme, nor the first idea that made these ultra successful businesses really get rich.

In an all new super colorful book by Lowey Bundy Sichol, called “From An Idea to Disney you can now get a look into the journey that made this company just what it is today.

The famous Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse Was Born!

When was the famous mouse even a thought? This is an interesting story and something we are sure you didn’t know.

Walt Disney and his wife, Lillian Disney were heading home on a train from Manhattan, New York to Hollywood, California. The couple had a long trip ahead of them, which gave them a lot of free time to think and strategize.

It was on this trip home that an idea popped into Walt’s mind.

His idea? A cartoon mouse!

He quickly sketched this mouse out on paper, and it started to come to life!

Mickey Wasn’t His First Name

Walt Disney might have sketched the image of the famous Disney mouse, but Mickey was not the name he first thought of.

What did he name him? Mortimer!

But, his wife Lillian questioned her husband’s name choice. “Mortimer?” she exclaimed.

A few days later, Lillian came up with the perfect name, suggesting “Mickey Mouse.”

Mickey Mouse was Finally Here!

If you are trying to think of the right name for your business or product, don’t just settle. Keep going through all sorts of words and names until something really suits you because it can make all the difference in the world!

Walt Disney Lived By This Quote

Walt was a man of action. Who here has had an idea for a product or business they’d love to start but haven’t taken that leap of faith?

The founder of Disney always said, “the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

If Walt didn’t take action on his idea for a cartoon mouse, nobody would have been able to enjoy all of the fun, creativity, and happiness that he created when he began building “Walt Disney World.”

Epcot in Walt Disney World

Walt Disney Saw What Was Missing & Did Something About It

Did you know Walt Disney was the father of two girls?

He was a big family man, driving his daughters to school every single day and loved spending time with his girls.

However, he soon realized something was missing.

There weren’t many places out there he and his family could go to and enjoy together.

Sure, there were amusement parks, circuses, and carnivals – but he didn’t like that it was dirty and not focused on families.

He started dreaming of building a place where adults and children alike could have fun together. His destination would be more than an amusement park though.

The difference? Disney would be impeccably clean and well laid out with fun rides and attractions. Disneyland came to life.

Always Strive Higher

Walt Disney was always a hands-on type of owner.

He loved his ideas and believed in them so much that he wanted to continue working in it.

Sometimes Walt would disguise himself in a floppy hat and sunglasses. He would walk around the park during the day, taking in what was going on and the reactions of his patrons.

To keep Disney the best it could be, he would send his staff of “Imagineers” to every amusement park in the U.S.

They needed to understand what made the parks fun and successful.

Even more importantly, his Imagineers needed to look out for what caused problems or made their customers unhappy so Disney could rise above!

We hope you enjoyed a little look into Walt Disney’s journey and now can take the inspiration into your own ideas and let them soar!

From an Idea to Disney Book

From an Idea to Disney‘ is available on Amazon. Recommended for kids but great for ALL ages!