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Is the Canon G7X Mark II Camera Right For Me?

The Canon G7X Mark II has been growing in popularity ever since it came to market in March 2016.

It has been flying off the shelves mostly because it is one of the best vlogging and YouTube cameras out there.

Popular vloggers such as Jess & Gabriel Conte and beauty vlogger Olivia Jade rely on the Canon G7X Mark II for all of their high resolution professional vlogs.

Olivia Jade Vlogs with Canon G7X Mark II
Olivia Jade Vlogs with Canon G7X Mark II | YouTube: Olivia Jade


Want to Film Your Own Videos?

Many of our readers want to start vlogs and YouTube channels of their own.

You may be asking, “Is the Canon G7X Mark II Right For Me?

The Canon G7X Mark II is one of the highest rated vlogging cameras and used by some of the top vloggers.

Beauty Tutorials

If you’re thinking of starting a beauty/makeup channel, this is a great camera for you.  It has a special skin softening effect you can turn on and is perfect for those great looking beauty and makeup tutorial videos you want to create.

WiFi Enabled

Not all cameras have this feature but the Canon G7X Mark II does!  So what benefits come from this?  Well you certainly can send pictures from your camera straight to the printer with WiFi.  You can also download videos and pictures you took through an app on your phone.

Time Lapse Function

Yes the Canon G7X Mark II has this!  This is one of the coolest functions you’ve seen on vlogs and YouTube videos.  It is when the day or traffic seems to be going by much quicker than it actually is.  Check out the video below to see just what we mean.

Good Filming at Night

Not all cameras film great in the darker lighting.  The G7X Mark II looks great at night because it has special low light options!

You Can Film Underwater!

We’re not kidding!  This is an awesome feature if you want to get some cool underwater shots with your Canon G7X Mark II.  Plus you won’t need to worry if you are filming in rainy or snowy weather.  But first you will need the Canon Waterproof Case.

Filming Underwater with the Canon G7X Mark II


Quick Fast Facts About the Canon G7X Mark II

Canon G7X Mark II Camera
Canon G7X Mark II Camera | Amazon
  • The flash can be turned on and off.
  • A detachable microphone can’t be attached but the mic in the camera is already great so you don’t need this.  Just a muff will help keep the wind sound out of the background.
  • It has a flip screen so you can watch what you are recording.

The Canon G7X Mark II is a great quality point & shoot camera ideal for vlogging and creating very professional looking YouTube videos.

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