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Lauren Conrad Exclusive Intervew: “Stay true to who you are and follow your dreams..”


Lauren Conrad first introduced to us as the high school senior, “LC” in MTV’s hit show, Laguna Beach who then graduated to the next big hit, “The Hills” is moving on to her newest project.  It is her own novel.  Most tv personalities usually write a non-fiction book but Lauren took a different route and used her life as the basis for her newest novel, L.A. Candy.  We caught up wth Lauren to find out about ow she came up with the idea for L.A. Candy, if she ever had acting aspirations, and what she feels is the must have piece for the summer.  Check it out now.


Congratulations on your new book, L.A. Candy! Sounds like a great read and interesting storyline. Most celebrities write non-fiction, what brought you to the idea of taking your reality show experience and turning into a fictional story?

I played around with many ideas for a book. first I wanted to write a “how to date” book. but after speaking with Harper Collins we really narrowed it down and decided for my first book it would be best to write what I know.

Are there any plans for this book to be a part of a series?

lauren-conrad-candy-bookYes I already completed the first draft for my second novel. There will be 3 in the series.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your Hollywood and Laguna Beach experience?

To stay true to who you are and follow your dreams.

Did you have acting aspirations or did the Laguna Beach show find you?

No I never wanted to be an actress and still don’t. The producers at MTV found me at my high school.

We hear you have a clothing line going to Kohls. What type of style is it and for what age?

Yes the line will be out in October and I am so excited. It has a bit of everything from t shirts to dresses to blazers and jeans.

You have a terrific fashion sense. What is the one must have piece for the summer?

I think a great dress that can take you to the beach when paired with flats and take you to dinner when paired with heels is always a must.

Our readers are always interested in new music. What type of music do you listen to today and any particular bands or artists you like right now?

I like the site for music

How do you stay grounded and good in the fast moving world of L.A.?

I am still close with the friends I grew up with and my family. Never forget your roots.

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