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Exclusive Q&A: @JoshuaRush from #AndiMack Reveals What a Day on the Set is Really Like

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Joshua Rush

Joshua Rush is having the time of his life — his role on Disney Channel’s Andi Mack is a dream come true! Check out the interview below with Joshua to learn what a typical day is like on set, his social media habits & more!

Congratulations on your role on “Andi Mack!”  What was your audition like?
Thanks! My audition was a serious whirlwind! I walked in to meet with Terri Minsky, and she asked if I had any questions, which is standard. I actually pulled out an entire page of questions for her!

What is a typical day on set like for you?
It goes pretty fast, but it starts with the same breakfast every morning, then we head in to the hair and makeup trailer and wardrobe so we can look perfect. Then it’s usually off to an hour or so of school, and then right to set! We’ll shoot about 2-3 scenes per day, with breaks in the middle for lunch and school (which we need to have 3 hours of every day).

Is anyone in your family into acting or music?
My dad is a therapist, so no for him, but my mom is a producer for corporate videos!

Do you get tutored on set or do you attend regular school?
I get tutored for 3 hours per day on set!

What is one thing your fans don’t know about you?
My fans might not know that I can speak fluent Spanish! I actually just took the Spanish SAT Subject Test… fingers crossed!

Do you answer your fans back on Instagram or Twitter?
I respond sometimes on Instagram and Twitter, but you’ll get your best personalized response from my Tumblr:

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