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Exclusive Interview with “Read, Read, and Read” Author Elizabeth Gorcey and Daughter, Olivia!

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Former actress Elizabeth Gorcey and her 11 year old daughter, Olivia, have written another book in their Liv On Life (LOL) series called Read, Read and Read.

Elizabeth Gorcey and daughter, Olivia

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The series focuses on Liv and what she learns throughout life, and the latest installment will talk about Liv’s love of books as well as featuring her adorable dog Bowie.

Parent and child will absolutely love these colorful and cute illustrations inside “Read, Read and Read.”  Check them out below.

Bowie and Liv

Credit: Live on Life


These books are designed to create open dialogue between parents and their children, in hopes that they can learn from each other. The dynamic duo gave us all the details on the new book, their favorite things, and so much more.

Check out the Q&A session with Elizabeth and Olivia below!

Liv reads - from Read Read and Read

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Liv on Life Logo

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1) Favorite book: The Harry Potter series and The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand (Olivia), The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho  (Elizabeth)

2) Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chip (Olivia), Peanut butter and Chocolate (Elizabeth)

3) Favorite game: Exploding Kittens (Olivia), Monopoly (Elizabeth)

4)Favorite food: Spaghetti (Olivia), Broccoli (Elizabeth)



What are your top 2 favorite “Liv-isms”?

“A book can be a friend and make a friend.” (Olivia)

“Be kind to all living things.” (Olivia and Elizabeth)

“If you don’t like the way you feel change the way you think.” (Elizabeth)

“Wonder, run and have FUN!” (Elizabeth)

“If you are grateful, you can’t be hateful!” (Olivia)

And there are many other good Liv-isms…


Where do you think your daughter picked up her incredible wisdom from?

Books. (Olivia)

Born an old soul. (Elizabeth)


We saw an adorable dog in Read, Read, and Read.  Does Liv have a dog in real life?

Yes, we sleep with our boxer doggie and he comes with us everywhere! (Olivia and Elizabeth)


Which activities do you and your daughter love to do the most?

Reading, composing, all music and art. (Olivia)

Art, creating and walking my dog. (Elizabeth)


Have you always had dreams of being a writer and did you enjoy writing in school?

I love writing but not rewriting and rewriting… I do LOVE writing songs. (Olivia)

No, I wanted to be a rock star but I can’t really sing. (Elizabeth)

Be sure to check out their website, Liv On Life (LOL) for all the information on their books, as well as news on Elizabeth and Olivia. The newest book, Read, Read, and Read is available for purchase on Amazon.