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10 Questions with New Artist, Heather Brave

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Get ready to add some new songs to your playlists everyone, because Heather Brave is making a splash on the music scene. Her tracks feature meaningful lyrics and lots of soul, plus she’s got a killer style to match. Read more about this new artist in our Q&A with Heather below!


1. Favorite….Song:

Right now, it’s probably “Make Me Feel” by Janelle Monáe because her vocals are almost impossibly smooth. Still, there’s always going to be something special to me about “You & I” by Ingrid Michaelson (I tried to get every boy in middle school to sing that song with me. Didn’t happen).

2. Favorite….Health Food

Chickpea pasta (literally just pasta made out of chickpeas). So satisfying and you can olive oil and rosemary all over it so it works.

3. Favorite….Dance Style

I appreciate that ballet takes so much attention and strength, but looks so effortless. That’s cool to me.

4. Favorite….Memory of Musical Theater

Next to Normal was one of my favorite shows on Broadway. The music was amazing, and the story really takes you. I was there on closing night and the whole audience was crying together. Insanely cathartic.

5. Favorite….Spot in NYC

Jeffrey’s in the West Village. It’s small and looking out the window onto Christopher Street makes me feel sentimental.

6. Favorite….Quote (Inspirational or not)

“I think that I have every right to write a book. I think I’m interesting. I have perspective about me.” -Judy Garland.


“What’s your damage?” from Heathers.

7. Favorite…Recent Purchase or Recent Splurge

Golden Tretorn Sneakers for spring.

8. Favorite….”Behind the Scenes Moment” of shooting “Like A Wave” music video

Sitting on the roof of the studio in Brooklyn at basically sunrise for one of the scenes, drawing funny pictures of Philip, the actor in the video, in my notebook, and talking to him about acting and art.



1. You’ve been writing songs since you were just a teenager. What is the writing process been like for you?

The seeds for songs always come to me in random times. When I lived in LA, I would think of something while I was driving and pull over to record it. The best place to write is the bathtub (really). There are no distractions and sometimes thoughts that have been waiting just come to the surface and it’s so organic.

2. Do you have any musical inspirations or artists whom you’ve loved over the years?

I was always inspired by artists who made more unconventional music that still made me feel something so strongly. Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson were huge influences on me because they were so honest, but not always straightforward and I liked dissecting the song like a mysterious poem. Because these songs have so many layers to them, I can go back and listen and it will mean something different to me every time like Regina Spektor’s “Samson.” They feel like home to me.

3. What inspired you to write the ballad, “Spinning”? It’s very different from your pop dance hit “Feel You Watching.”

I was moving back to New York and going through a lot of change. I felt this overwhelming feeling of spinning out of control, but eventually realized that I could, and I would, get through whatever I was dealing with and that made me feel powerful. The song came out of this and it tells the story of feeling lost, but gaining a sense of invaluable strength out of that disarray, finding an irreplaceable friend in yourself.

4. How would you describe your music? Has your sound evolved since you began writing or singing songs, how so?

I think that I have always tried to make my music multi-dimensional, so if you’re listening to it, you feel like you can climb inside of it and there is a lot there to discover. As I’ve been in rooms with different songwriters, I’ve learned so many new approaches and ways to accomplish that feeling that brought me closer to the way I always wanted my music to sound. I feel like I finally got to what my 14 year old self was expecting and that feels so good.

Heather Brave

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5. How do you stay confident in yourself in this industry? Have you ever experienced peer pressure, either to change yourself or your music? If so, how did you deal with it?

I’ve been in a lot of situations where people are more concerned about putting their imprint on me and my music instead of them aiming to bring out what I’m trying to say. Still, I think all of those experiences have made me stronger and have taught me to remain dedicated to myself. I always remember that there’s no one who is exactly like me. The way that my mind jumps to a lyric and all of my stories can’t be truthfully replicated. That always makes me feel justified in what I have to say.

6. Your IG is full of fun styles! Do you have a go-to outfit or look? How would you describe your style?

I really like pairing basics with unexpected pieces. I have a pair of shimmering gold flare jeans that go well with my go-to blue winter sweater and together it’s easygoing but distinct. I’m interested in what other people are doing, but I’ll never follow a trend if it doesn’t feel like it matches me. Generally my style is bold but consistently classic. I like loud cheetah coats, black lace, and sleek boots.

7. Our readers love beauty tips. Do you have any favorite makeup or hair products? Or a favorite beauty look you’ve worn over the last year or two?

I love makeup and do it as kind of a ritual myself before every show. For every day though, I like to keep it minimal and fresh and I always start with Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Cleanser to wake me up (especially before shooting a music video at 5 am!!). One look that I’ve always depended on is a subtle but shiny eye. I love the liquid ones that spread easily and stay just on your eyes like Milk Makeup’s Eye Pigment in “Hotel Lobby.” It’s a timeless color.

8. You like to stay active teaching spin, dancing, and barre. What have you learned from these activities and do you have any tricks to share with our readers on working out?

For me it’s 100% about the music. If that makes me feel in it and motivated, I’m good to go. Spin, dance, and barre have all been perfect for me because it stops feeling like just working out. I feel like I’m doing something musical and it’s an extension of me. It’s self indulgent. They’ve also all taught me that so much of what has scared me is mental. Right when I think I’m at a threshold where I can’t go any further, I break through and come out stronger and that makes me do everything better. My one piece of advice is to find something that you actually want to do. Do something that makes you feel more you.

9. When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun or when you have free time?

I love writing short stories. I think any kind of storytelling makes me a better writer in every way. I also live near Central Park so picnicking (with avocado rolls) is happening. My sister’s a musician too and we are constantly sending each other YouTube videos of old performances of artists we love and things like that, talking about music and how we miss Hannah Montana.

10. 2017 was kind of your year of breaking into the music scene. What can we expect for you in 2018?

So much! I’m playing shows more and more.  I just performed in NYC at the Rockwood Music Hall at the end of April, which has always been one of my favorite venues. There’s so much more music practically bursting, waiting to be released. So some dance vibes are coming for you. Like a Wave has been playing on the radio so listen for it! All good things!!

Be sure to check out Heather on Instagram for more fun photos, and her official website for all things music!