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2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Dance Moms fans!

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If you’re a fan of dancing and reality TV, then you probably love Dance Moms. And let’s be honest, who hasn’t seen the drama unfold on that show? It’s kind of addicting! So if you or someone you know is a fan of the show, then this holiday guide will give you all the ideas you need for your next present!



Chloe Lukasiak Book

Girl on Pointe: Chloe’s Guide to Taking on the World by Chloe Lukasiak

Chloe’s debut book details her struggles with bullying, her tricks to keeping a positive attitude, as well as her time on Dance Moms. Get it from Amazon!


Maddie Ziegler Book

The Maddie Diaries by Maddie Ziegler

Maddie’s first book is a memoir detailing her rise to fame and how she worked hard to achieve her dreams, both professional and personal. Get it from Amazon!




Women's Shirt for Dance Moms Fan Gift Guide

Relationship Status Tee

This t-shirt is perfect for those who can’t stop watching Dance Moms. Plus who doesn’t love a funny shirt? You can get the shirt (it comes in assorted colors!) from Redbubble.


Team Ziegler Tee

Team Ziegler Tee

This fun shirt is great for any fans who are or have always been on #TeamMaddie. It has a couple of images of classic dance moves plus the Team Ziegler logo. How cool is that? Grab it from Redbubble!


Kalani Socks

KH by Kalani Heart Socks

These cute blue and pink socks are perfect for any Kalani Hilliker fan! They are cozy and comfortable, making them the perfect stocking stuffer this season! Get a pair from Amazon.


JoJo Signature Bow

JoJo Siwa’s Signature Bow

If you’ve ever wanted to have a bow just like JoJo, then look no further than her signature collection! These even come with a patch set – and in various assorted patterns, like rainbow and floral! How fun is that? Get yours from Amazon.




Dance Moms quote case

“Save the tears for your pillow” iPhone case

Get Abby’s signature catchphrase for your phone! This sassy saying is available for the iPhone 4 through the newest iPhone 10! The cool thing about this cover is the design of the eyelashes and bow pillow to represent the saying. Get yours from Redbubble.


Sia Christmas Notebook

Sia Christmas Notebook

This unique notebook is sure to be a fan favorite, thanks to the Christmas colors and the Sia image inspired by her album covers! The intricate detail on the drawing makes it extra special. Pick one up from Redbubble.



Dance Moms DVD

The Best of Dance Moms DVD

If you want something that captures the essence of Dance Moms, then this DVD would be it. It’s sort of like a “greatest hits” or “best moments” of the show, all in this two-disc set! Plus that cover featuring a little Maddie and Chloe is adorable! Get a copy from Amazon.



Dance Moms pillow

Dance Moms Pillow

Who wouldn’t want a pillow featuring the original seven girls’ names? You’ve got Maddie, Mackenzie, Chloe, Kendall, Nia, Paige and Brooke. And their names are sure to pop with the colorful font and black background. It’s the perfect accessory for any fan! Get it from Redbubble.



Dancer Phone case

Dancer iPhone case

This cover is classic because it features the silhouette of a dancer, making it great for a fan of the show or even just that ballerina in your life! The black and white colors go with any phone, making it great for everyone. Get it from Redbubble.

That’s it everyone! Hopefully these gift ideas help you find the perfect present! Happy shopping and happy holidays!