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Bella Thorne Shares Her Beauty Hack for Natural Highlights

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Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne may be known for her colorful wigs, but she also loves showing off her natural hair color. The actor and record label owner shared her secret for natural highlights, which is…beer!

According to, the beauty hack is actually beneficial for the health of your hair. Beer can also add volume, prevent frizz, and make your hair shiny.

Bella Thorne isn’t the first or only one to use this simple hair hack. Actor and wife of Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones swears by this hair style trick as well.

Thorne is getting her hair honey blonde for a new film she’s staring in. Earlier this year, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Thorne would be staring in a new thriller directed by Chad Faust. It it not confirmed if this role requires Thorne to change her hair.

Will you be trying Bella Thorne’s beauty tip for natural highlights? If so, show us a picture of your results @feelingthevibe.