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[Fashion] Jess Conte’s Disney Sweatshirt Found!

Jess Conte Disney World sweatshirt

Vlogger Jess Conte is in Disney World right now visiting her longtime friend Jess.  Her friend recently moved to the United States from Australia to take a position at the beloved theme park.  

After a whirlwind trip starting with Gabriel and Jess celebrating their one year anniversary in the Florida Keys, followed by a stay with his family for Christmas, Jess is now making the next stop in Disney World!

A number of photos have been posted in the “happiest place on earth” and Jess sure does look like she’s having a great time (minus missing her husband Gabe who isn’t with her at the moment).  

She posted a photo of herself in an oversized blue Disney sweatshirt today.  

She is wearing the Walt Disney World Pennant Sweatshirt for Adults in Navy Blue.  Not in Disney?  That’s alright, you can still match Jess’s style by going to Shop Disney right here