Candace Cameron Bure’s Red Outfit from iHeart Country Festival

Candace Cameron looked stunning in an all red outfit at the iHeart Country Festival last night.

Candace Cameron Bure was the host of the popular iHeart Country Festival last night in Austin, Texas.

She looked gorgeous and stunning in her completely red ensemble for the show opener opposite co-host Bobby Bones.

The woman behind this look is Candace’s trusted stylist, Erin Noel who accompanied her to the big event in Texas.

Erin said Candace was “radiant in red” and we couldn’t agree more.

Candace Cameron Bure iheart Country Festival outfit
Candace Cameron Bure iheart Country Festival outfit | Credit: Candace Cameron Bure Instagram


Where was Candace’s red outfit from?  

The top and pants are from a luxury designer created for the modern woman called “Nha Khanh.”

It is available right online.

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