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The Best 5 Gifts Your BFF Will Love for the Holidays

Procrastination. It affects us in more ways than one. With Christmas just a few days away, we’ve got you covered with a few last minute items that your best friend will love.

Get This for Your BFF: Mophie Wireless Charging Pad



Give your friend the security and convenience of a fully charged phone at the expense of a hands free charger. With the release of the iPhone 7, Apple removed the audio jack making it virtually impossible to listen to music while charging your phone, now you can finally do both again. With it’s powerful charging capabilities and it’s sleek design, the Mophie makes for the perfect gift.


Get This For Your BFF: Reasons why you’re my Bestie



Let your friend know just how much you love and appreciate them with this cute item. With each valve you can illustrate the many reasons why your friend is your friend. Simply personalize the message and add to your cart. Don’t wait too long, make sure you order “Reasons Why You’re My Bestie” time for the holidays.


Get This For Your BFF: Friendship Double Link Taupe Silk Adjustable Closure Bracelet



Yet again, we have another means of expressing your love for your friendship. Friendship bracelets! The bracelet with its double link closure and its silk threading, makes for not only a symbolic but a comfortable bracelet. If you’re a prime member you’re in luck, as the bracelet’s ship in 2 days.


Get This For Your BFF: Days Of The Week Scrunchie Set



Surprise your BFF with this cute scrunchie set from Urban Outfitters. With this multi-colored collection you can wear them on your wrist or use them to tie up your hair in a fun up-do. With whatever your friend decides to do, they’ll definitely look their best.

Get This for Your BFF: Facial Spray Trio



Give your friend the gift of clear skin. Each spray can act as either a toner or a refreshing mist to get you through the day.  Each spray has notes of aloe, while they individually have ingredients such as cucumber, rose water, and lavender. Not only would you be leading your friend on a path to clear skin, but you’d be giving the freedom to find their favorite spray.