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[Sneak Peek] Catfish: The TV Show Season 7 All New – March 7th!

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MTV’s Catfish airs their season 7 finale tonight – and there’s tons in store for viewers! This episode focuses on Dylan, a young boy who has been chatting with a girl he met online, Savenia.

Now, things already seem odd when Savenia actually emailed the Catfish casting offices saying that she’s been connecting with a guy online….but her emailed bounced back. Weird, right? Turns out, Savenia’s not who she says she is, which automatically make Nev and Max suspicious.

Around this same time, Dylan and his mother had another falling out. He hasn’t seen or spoken to his mom in a long time. So is it possible that this “Savenia” character is actually his mother and not the 17 year old from the Catfish emails?

Check out this sneak peek and be sure to watch the season 7 finale tonight on MTV at 10/9c!