Smile : Actual Instructions, Read!

Take a moment to laugh


We just had to post these. The instructions below were actually posted on real products.  Take a look:

On a hair dryer: do not use while sleeping.

On a bar of soap: Use like regular soap.

On a frozen dinner: serving suggestion – defrost.

On a hotel – provided shower cap: fits one head.

On a tiramisu dessert: do not turn upside down. (This was printed on the bottom of the box.)

On a package of bread pudding: product will be hot after heating.

On children’s cough medicine: do not drive car or operate machinery.

On a sleep aid: warning – may cause drowsiness.

On a Korean kitchen knife: warning – keep out of children.

On a string of Christmas lights: for indoor or outdoor use only.

On a bag of peanuts: warning – contains nuts.

On an airline packet of nuts: open packet, eats nuts.


Have any others?