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Selena Gomez is Making “Very Crucial” Choices for New Album

For the record, Selena Gomez is taking her new album very seriously.

According to, the singer went on Instagram live after the release of her new music for “I Can’t Get Enough” to share the progress of her upcoming album.

Gomez revealed that she is nervous about the “very crucial” choices she is making for the upcoming album. She added that she is trying to be patient with the process.

What to Expect from Gomez’s New Album

Last September in an interview with Elle Magazine, Gomez shared the title and meaning for one of the new songs. “Flawless” will be about the celebration of being your best self. Gomez has not released a studio album since 2015.

When Will Selena Gomez’s New Album Be Out?

An official release date for the album has not been confirmed, but Gomez says we can expect to hear songs dropping from the album soon.

Watch Selena Gomez’s new music video below for I Can’t Get Enough .