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[REVIEW] Kristina Sexton’s ‘Acting in LA: How to Become a Working Actor in Hollywood’

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It seems as though everyone has the dream of “making it big” – and there’s nowhere that more people flock to than Hollywood to make those dreams a reality. Veteran actress Kristina Sexton decided that those new to the Hollywood scene might need some help on how to survive on (and off) set life, so this book, Acting in LA: How to Become a Working Actor in Hollywood was born.

Acting in LA: How to Become a Working Actor in Hollywood

Sexton perfectly blends wit and wisdom throughout this step-by-step guide to making it in the big city. She takes you through each part of the process, from networking to getting your first audition. She emphasizes the importance of “finding your people” – meaning having a core group that has your best interests at heart – as well as the benefits of keeping “normies” (non-industry people) in your life.

You’ll also get a breakdown of what life will be like on the set, including what a call sheet looks like and who’s who on the production team. Sexton even gives you checklists at the end of each chapter to summarize the information. And if you’re wondering about finances? She’s got you covered with a realistic expectation of what you’ll need to pay to get where you want to go.

If you want to read more and learn the ins and outs of LA and Hollywood, then you must check out this book! It’s available for purchase on Amazon and is perfect for any up and coming star. Plus, if big names like Kellan Lutz (Twilight) like it, then you know it’s good.


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