It’s Puppy Love for Bryan Tanaka of Mariah’s World – Pictures Inside!

It’s puppy love for Bryan Tanaka of ‘Mariah’s World’ …literally. See photos inside.

No, we aren’t talking about Bryan’s love and admiration for Mariah Carey.  This is a real kind of puppy love.  In our previous article, “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bryan Tanaka from Mariah’s World” we revealed that Bryan is a major dog lover.

Some of you may know that Bryan has an English Staffordshire Terrior named Mila who has been featured many times on his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

His love of dogs is nothing new.  Did you know Bryan grew up with a dog named Kona who he called “the best dog.”

His pup Mila often accompanies him on his travels.  This dog surely has seen his fair share of celebrities and traveled all over the world.  Let’s take a photo journey with Kona, Mila, and Bryan through the years.

Bryan Tanaka Dog Lover Photos

We weren’t kidding when we said Bryan grew up with a dog.  He was only an infant when this photo was taken with his watch dog Kona on his left and his mom watching on the right.

Bryan Tanaka of Mariah's World with his mom and dog Kona
Bryan Tanaka of Mariah’s World as a baby with his mom and dog Kona


Kona is growing up and so is Bryan.  Here is Bryan posing with his dog Kona before a school dance, as he says was one of his favorite things about school.

Bryan Tanaka of Mariah's World as a teenager with his dog Kona
Bryan Tanaka as a teenager posing with his dog Kona before a school dance.


Aww Mila as a puppy chilling with Bryan by the pool on a hot day.

Bryan Tanaka with his dog Mila as a puppy
Bryan and his dog Mila


Mila stays close.  The days of traveling coach on the airplane.  Mila gets a cozy spot under Bryan’s seat. 

Bryan Tanaka and dog Mila on airplane
Wherever Bryan is, Mila is too.


They upgraded!  Now Bryan and Mila get to ride in style on Mariah’s private plane.  Looks to us like Mila might be in need of some of Bryan’s attention.  No eye contact.

Bryan Tanaka of Mariah's World riding private on the plane with Mila
Mila needs some of Bryan’s undivided attention


They fly together and they drive together. Bryan’s favorite furry passenger.

Bryan Tanaka driving with his dog Mila
Cruisin’ Around


Mila is a typical girl, so eager to shop! 

Bryan Tanaka and dog Mila shopping
They see me rollin’


Mila is Bryan’s biggest fan – BT Represent

Bryan Tanaka's dog Mila photo
It’s all about BT


Photo Credit: Bryan Tanaka Instagram

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