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Huge #FullHouse Fan Shares Her Fan Encounter with the #FullerHouse Cast – Pictures Inside!

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The Fuller House cast was recently in Japan, and tons of fans came out to meet them. We received a fan story of how much Full House and Fuller House have changed her life, and we wanted to share it with you below.

The first thing I want to say is: I grew up with Full House. This show helped make me who I am.
I’ve been watching Full House my whole life, and of course I’m huge fan of Fuller House too. So when I met them, I just could not believe it. It was like “OMG, what is happening to me? Is this real?”
Candace Cameron & Scott Weinger Meet Fans

Fuller House fan Sakiko with her sister meeting Candace Cameron Bure (DJ) & Scott Weinger (Steve) from Fuller House in Tokyo.


I remember every single episode of Full House and Fuller House. All these stories taught me everything about life and love. Even though I grew up in America, the American culture is very different from Japanese culture. I love my friends, but I used to feel different than them, which is why I felt relaxed after I’d watch Full House or Fuller House.
My Full House Life Lessons:
I remember when I lost my grandpa, I happened to watch the Full House episode of “Papuri Tanner” – when Michelle lost her Greek grandfather. This episode taught me that people dying is not the only sad thing. It also reminded me of my work in social services since I am working with people who are dying. Every time I say goodbye to a patient, I always remember that episode of Full House.
When DJ didn’t like her body and tried to crash diet, I learned how beautiful we all are in the bodies we have. I’m not skinny, I’m never looking like a model but I don’t need to change. I just have to accept myself exactly how I am and take care of myself.
When DJ forgot Kimmy’s birthday, I learned what a true friend is. You have to trust each other, support each other and of course love each other. Even though DJ and Kimmy are different, they accept each other and have grown together in friendship.
When DJ and Steve broke up on the mountain top, I learned that passion is important. DJ lost Steve but she felt something new in a positive way. She was able to grow up because of her relationship with Steve.
When Michelle couldn’t get the role of Yankee Doodle, Michelle felt a sense of inferiority from her sisters. I have felt the same feeling as her when I was a little from my sister. Michelle cheered Derek on while setting aside her feelings. Those things made Michelle strong and they are also the things that made me strong and kind.
Michael Campion Meets Fans

Meeting Michael Campion from Fuller House while they were on location shooting an episode of Fuller House.


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When Stephanie got pierced ears without permission from her dad, it made me realize how similar I am to her.  So that episode has a big meaning to me. I learned a lot of things, like things you can do and things you can’t do.
When their house were offered for sale, they remembered all the memories that happened at the house. And what is the most important for them: family. They love each other and take care of each other. And now this beautiful story has been reborn into Fuller House!
Love is easier than anything, it’s harder than anything, and it’s more complicated than anything else for me. But even so, I know that life and love are beautiful.

The world is full of affection. That is what this show taught me. I truly, completely, deeply love this show. I wanna say 100,000  thank you’s to Full House and Fuller House.

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Meeting Scott Weinger Fan Photos - Fuller House

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Meeting Fernando! It’s Juan Pablo Di Pace from Fuller House 🙂


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Meeting Jodie Sweetin Fan Photos - Fuller House

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