Get Maddie Ziegler’s Rocker Waves – Products Inside!

Learn how to get Maddie’s cool hairstyle for yourself!

Maddie Ziegler always looks good, and her hair is no exception. Recently, Maddie rocked some super-cool waves for an event by My Friend’s Place. We’ve got the products her hairstylist, Justine Marjan used below, and exactly how to get the look!



  1. Prep dry hair with the hairspray to add texture, then brush through.
  2. Use the curling iron to spiral small sections of hair, alternating directions. Then brush through hair to loosen curls slightly.
  3. Scrunch in some pomade mousse to finish off the look.

Now you can achieve Maddie’s easy, chic waves. Just grab some of these products and try it out for yourself. Happy hairstyling!