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Every Tic Could Be a Tell on ‘The Hustler’ on ABC

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The Hustler on ABC February 18 Episode

ABC’s hit new detective-type game show, The Hustler is airing tonight Thursday, February 18th, hosted by Craig Ferguson.

Unfamiliar with the show? It breaks the mold by including one player who secretly already knows all the answers. However, that doesn’t mean everything. Just because they have this information doesn’t mean they will ultimately take home the big prize.

The Hustler on ABC February 18
The Hustler: (ABC/Christopher Willard)

“The Hustler” follows five contestants who collaborate to answer trivia questions, with the goal of building a prize pot that increases with every correctly answered question. What’s the catch though? One of the contestants which remains a mystery, already knows the answers like we said earlier. However, they must be able to keep their identity a secret in order to have a chance at winning it big.

On tonight’s episode titled “Every Tic Could Be a Tell,” it will feature the following contestants:

A college professor and the band Coldplay are just two of the clues that lead five new contestants closer to deciding “Who Is The Hustler?” as they work together to answer a series of 10 trivia questions worth $10,000 each.

Andrew Gibson
Sam Zebarjadi
Myrick Grimes
Michelle Champion
Sarah Lacey

Get a Sneak Peek into Tonight’s Episode at the clip below:

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Tune in to ABC at 10pm EST to catch “The Hustler.”


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