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Bernie Williams Brings Joy to New York Town

Earlier this year, a town in Rockland County, NY was struck by tragedy as two young baseball players were killed in a car accident on the way to practice. These two boys were huge Yankees fans and without any press or fanfare, Bernie Williams, former New York Yankees Champion, went to visit the town for the inauguration of their baseball season. He also spent time visiting with the families of both boys. Fast forward to October 23, Saturday, a town still hurting from the earlier tragedy brought in a very special Yankee to ease the pain. Although nothing could every change what happened, Bernie Williams and his band were able to honor the two boys in a night of music.

Bernie’s entire band are all big Yankees fans. Before they knew the Yankees were eliminated in the ALCS theyBerniesized planned to give Yankees updates for all concert goers after each song they performed. That idea was changed once Texas moved on to the World Series. However, everyone at the Lafayette theater had the opportunity to be in the presence of a true Yankee, Bernie Williams!

Everyone had a great time at the show, enjoying the atmosphere, the music, and the fun! This band was firing on all cylinders, the energy was amazing. Bernie’s fingers were moving so quickly on that guitar, you just had to sit and watch in awe. Has he been working them out? At one point he said to the audience, “wow, I’m sweating, I might have to start lifting weights again.”

“Ritmo De Otono,” one of our Bernie Williams’ favorites, had a new twist to it. Instead of going right into the song, Bernie began playing only with Richie Cannata on the soprano saxophone. It was a very slow yet emotional introduction, which then quickly contrasted with the whole band jumping in to raise the intensity and the volume of the song.

ErenSizedAt one point, Bernie stopped to mention he had been asked for his thoughts many times on the 70th birthday of John Lennon. He said he decided to bring one of John Lennon’s songs, the epically popular, “Imagine” into his show. Soloist Eren Cannata performed the song with such abandon, and a passion where the audience was glued to him throughout the entire performance.

A finding earlier in the day lead to another little twist during, “Fly Like an Eagle” sung by Eren Cannata. The whole band suddenly had on dark black sunglasses throughout the song. They all seemed to enjoy it almost as much as the audience was!

It was a beautiful night in honor of Vincent Crotty and Christopher Konkowski. Funds were raised all around from ticket proceeds, tshirts and other merchandise, plus a very special limited edition photo of Bernie with his guitar. There were 51 photos produced, and 100% of the proceeds for those photos were given to the scholarship funds.

Always a class act on the field, check out his new field, on the stage, with his new team, and you will be sure to always win.

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