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Ariana Grande Workout: Tips, Style & More!

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Ariana Grande has been doing better than ever lately: new relationship, new single (and forthcoming album!), and she always looks fabulous. So if you’ve ever wondered: “how does she keep up her look?” – we’ve got the answers! Keep reading below to find out her workout regimen, her fitness clothing, and what she likes to eat!



Ariana Grande Fitness Style

What Ariana Grande typically wears to workout in.

  • Ariana’s essentials boil down to: a tee shirt or sports bra (here’s one we like), and some leggings or shorts. And of course, always have a great pair of shoes!
  • She still loves classic colors, so white and black (try this one) are good bets.
  • And of course, wearing your hair up in a straight, high ponytail will get you her look (and keep your hair out of your face while you exercise)!




Ariana Grande Tour Look

Dancing is one way Ariana likes to stay fit.


  • She loves to use her dance rehearsals as workouts while she’s prepping for shows.
  • Her trainer Harley Pasternak has her do 12,000 steps a day (step counter) and a couple simple exercises per day, like lunges or hip thrusts.
  • Harley also suggests weighted exercises like single deadlifts or a dumbbell row (choose yours) with triceps extension to mix it up a little bit!




  • Ariana is vegan, so that means no eating or using animal products (i.e: no meat, no dairy).
  • So what does that leave? Lots of veggies and fruits! Ariana especially loves blueberries! She also does smoothies for breakfast a lot.
  • She also eats a lot of Japanese food – daikon (radishes), lotus (root), and adzuki beans. She also likes nuts, like almonds and cashews.
  • Coconut water is one of her favorite drinks!

Now you have all the details you need to work out and eat like Ariana Grande! Have fun trying out her fitness routine!