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5 Must Have Items For a Successful Makeup Tutorial YouTube Video

If you have ever watched an Olivia Jade or Maddie Ziegler YouTube video, then you know how amazing they are. How, you might be thinking, do they achieve this success? It boils down to a lot of hard work, and a few essential tools. Get all the information below, and before you know it, you might be the next popular beauty vlogger!



"The Makeup Chair" - YouTube
Sinead Cady has a great camera setup. Photo Credit: YouTube/TheMakeupChair.


The camera is the most important part of making a YouTube video. It’s the main piece of equipment you need since it’s what you actually use to shoot the video. A lot of vloggers use Canon cameras because of their clarity and variety of features. For a more in-depth look at cameras, check out our article below!

Two favorite canon cameras used by popular vloggers are below:

Canon G7X Mark II

Canon EOS 70D


Nikkie always look flawless on film thanks to proper lighting. Photo Credit: YouTube/NikkieTutorials.


The right lighting makes all the difference! Natural light always works, but to take it a step further, try the diva ring light. It’s essentially like a spotlight for your face, which puts the focus right where it needs to be: on you.



Nicole Guerriero YouTube
Nicole Guerriero shows a perfect example of a nice backdrop for a video. It adds uniqueness, without being overpowering. Photo Credit: YouTube/Nicole Guerriero.


A little fun can be injected into your video with the backdrop choice. Some YouTubers like glitter backdrops, or a green screen. Others like to film with their vanities in the background to give a “comfortable” ambience. Whatever you choose, be sure it’s appropriate for the video and not too distracting to your audience.



Olivia Jade YouTube
Olivia Jade always uses a variety of products to create a bunch of different looks her viewers will love. Photo Credit: YouTube/OliviaJade.


Of course you need the best makeup and beauty tools! A starter kit of brushes is a great place to start, and getting a couple essentials like an eyelash curler or lip brush can help you in the long run. To create a variety of looks, a lot of vloggers use a mix of high end and drugstore makeup – it simply comes down to preference.



YouTube editing
A look at what a vlogger’s editing display may look like. Photo Credit: YouTube.


Editing might be the most time-consuming, but you can really tell when vloggers take the time to create stunning professional videos. A popular option amongst YouTubers is Final Cut Pro; but even something as simple as iMovie can do the trick if you’re a beginner. It’s all about adding the right graphic, picture or instrument track. All of these little things that you can add in via editing really help your channel come alive.

Hopefully these tips and tools can make filming your YouTube video(s) easier! Of course, if you’re ever stuck for ideas, go to YouTube and watch how your favorite pros do it!